Latest news of the area is the Buckskin Fire

photographs from 6/12/15 to 6/23/15 by Kay Ekwall and JP Ekwall

Our deepest thanks goes out to all the brave firefighters, pilots and all involved in fighting these fires

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Buckskin Fire Update Wednesday 7.1.2015

Incident: Buckskin Fire Wildfire
Released: 23 hrs. ago

BUCKSKIN FIRE UPDATE – Wednesday July 1, 2015
Cave Junction, Oregon
Fire Location:
Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest
Incident Commander: Monty Edwards Information: Virginia Gibbons: 541-618-2113

This will be the last update on the Buckskin Fire unless significant changes occur. The Type 3 Incident Management Team (IMT) led by Incident Commander Monty Edwards will transition management of the Buckskin Fire to a Type 4 Incident Commander Thursday Morning. The Incident Command Post (ICP) is at Wild Rivers Ranger District in Cave Junction.

The Buckskin is estimated at 5,345 acres. Overall containment remains at 60%. Full suppression of this fire remains the operational objective. Today the fire area will be under patrol from the air and a crew will be available for any renewed fire activity or new starts.

All areas where fire suppression efforts occurred are now returned to as close to a natural state as possible. Trails on or outside the fire line are also repaired.

Firefighters are prepared to Initial Attack (IA) any new starts in the area as well as keeping an eye on the Buckskin. All helicopters are operating out of Merlin. The Heliwell will leave today.

The District is looking at reducing the fire closure area areas surrounding the fire. For more information, please see the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest or Buckskin Fire Inciweb.

The departing Type 3 IMT wishes to thank their partners who assisted in this effort and especially the courtesies and support of the residents of Josephine and Curry Counties.

Start Date: June 11, 2015 Cause: Lightning

Location: 10 miles southwest of Cave Junction on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

Resources: Crews= 2; Engines= 1; Water Tenders= 1; Helicopters= 2.

Total people assigned: 70





Buckskin Fire,Oregon

6/16/15 Rough and Ready Creek from hwy 199

Panorama shot 6/22/15 at Rough and Ready Creek
Definitely more smoke in the air, hills not very clear but its not
dark, nor heavy smoke.

This is the first day/afternoon that we drove down to Rough and Ready Creek to take pictures 6/12/15
Buckskin Fire/Rough and Ready Creek, Josephine County,Oregon
6/14/15 evenings shots were very dramatic, scary and spooky. Cars were stopped all along 199 looking at it
6/16/15 shots at Rough and Ready Creek
It was encouraging to see much less smoke this day
Here is Tom Berglund with Fire Information, about what is going on and what they are doing and going to be doing. He is most friendly and ready to share with concerned people at the parking area at Rough and Ready Creek entrance.
6/17/15 no dark smoke, looks very light again, today they are supposed to do the retardant
Buckskin Fire, Oregon
photos 6/19/15 by JP and Kay Ekwall from Hwy 199 our only access to view the fire from
6/22/15 photos from Hwy 199 at Rough and Ready Creek
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