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To get a wonderful explanation and more information on Rough and Ready Creek, the area and latest news, please go to I had discovered this site which is not owned by me after I got this domain and love to share with you the 'rest of the story' about this area. My site is mainly about sharing the scenes of the area in the different seasons and all the flowers. I am attempting each year to name the flowers properly, and to be able to catch most of them at the proper season. Each year is different I have found. This year, in 2014, I have found some of the flowers to be smaller then usual, but then some are more abundant then former years. It is an adventure and just want to share it to you. I will also be trying to provide some CD's with slideshows and desktop pictures and other items that you might enjoy from the area.

Please use the contact form if you would like to use a photograph or get a print, or link to this website, or otherwise need to have permission for use. .....thank you, Kay Ekwall

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