Western Wallflower/Erysimum asperum

Western Wallflower
Western Wallflower

Western Wallflower/Erysimum asperum

The genus Erysimum is a Greek word that refers to the Bittercress plant (another member of the mustard family). The base is the Greek word, eryso, meaning 'to cure' or to 'ward off'; thus referring to the curative aspects of certain plants of this genus. The species asperum means 'rough', referring to the dense forked hair on the plant. The term 'wallflower' is generally thought to refer to several of the old world plants that resemble this species and were frequently found growing on old walls. More information found here at Friendsofthewildlfowergarden.org


I took these shots at Rough and Ready Creek in May and June, they are such a lovely bright spot in the area, catching your eye and asking yourself, what is that beauty called?


March Wildflowers show

April Wildlfowers show

May Wildflowers show

June Wildflowers show

Rough and Ready Flat Botanical Wayside stormy days

Rough and Ready Botanical Flat with winter dressings

Rough and Ready Flat Botanical Wayside trail

Rainbow at Rough and Ready Creek, Oct. 2014

Smokey Days in Josephine Co, July 2013


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