Blue-eyed Mary

there are several varieties of Blue-Eyed Mary 'I believe', to be found here that I photographed myself here at the Rough and Ready Creek Botanical walk through several years

Torrey's blue-eyed Mary/Collinsia torreyi

some links to other sites with more extended details on Blue-eyed Mary varieties
which I see that there is no consistancy in the named flowers identities!

Blue-Eyed Mary/Collinsia verna
Figwort family (Scrophulariaceae)
Collinsia verna
Meeting Blue-Eyed Mary
Blue Eyed Mary, Spring Blue-eyed Mary, Eastern Blue Eyed Mary, Innocence, Lady-by-the-Lake - Collinsia verna
blue-eyed Mary 
Blue-Eyed Mary Seeds (Collinsia grandiflora)

Slideshow of more blue-eyed Mary flowers


March Wildflowers show

April Wildlfowers show

May Wildflowers show

June Wildflowers show

Rough and Ready Flat Botanical Wayside stormy days

Rough and Ready Botanical Flat with winter dressings

Rough and Ready Flat Botanical Wayside trail

Rainbow at Rough and Ready Creek, Oct. 2014

Smokey Days in Josephine Co, July 2013

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