Rough and Ready Creek Winter Wonderland

Father winter spreads his cape across a rough and rugged landscape, transforming it and softening harsh edges as a painter flourishing his brush over a canvas. I love the magic of winter, when everything looks new, pure and the air smells new. I have watched the transformation here for 10 years now, but have only been taking photos for the past 3, and am looking forward to walking the trail way back into the area beyond so I can catch more magic.



March Wildflowers slideshow

April Wildlfowers slideshow

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June Wildflowers Slideshow

Rough and Ready Flat Botanical Wayside stormy days

Rough and Ready Botanical Flat with winter dressings

Rough and Ready Flat Botanical Wayside trail

Rainbow at Rough and Ready Creek, Oct. 2014

Smokey Days in Josephine Co, July 2013

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